Dr. Satish K. Pawar

Radiologist & Sonologist
Director, Siddhivinayak Ultrasound Research Center.


Dr. (Mrs) Kirti S. Pawar

Pain Consultant & Intensivist
Director. Siddhivinayak Health Clinic and Pain Relief Center.

About SURC

Siddhivinayak Ultrasound Research Center is an advanced center for whole body ultrasonography and colour Doppler studies. Established in 2002, it has been a pioneer in introducing specialist ultrasound practice using latest high-resolution equipments,Voluson E8 from GE.
In 2005, we expanded our services to a wide variety of pediatric, mulsculoskeletal and small parts imaging with a very high-resolution 7 - 13 MHz transducer. Eminent consultants from Pune and Mumbai visit the center. The director of the center is Dr. Satish K. Pawar. We focus on providing patients quality diagnostic services in India. We offer patients convenient way for their diagnostic healthcare services and efficient service. With over years of expirience and services offered, we believe we are capable of performing substantially all of the diagnostic healthcare tests and services currently prescribed by physicians in India.